Getting a Master’s Degree in Library Science has made me lie awake at night worrying over which classification system to use on my own books. Seriously. I wake up in the middle of the night debating the merits of Library of Congress versus Dewey.  I also have nightmares in html so they look like this:



<a href=”being chased by a bear”>



I have 5 boxes of comic books that I won’t let my husband touch unless he promises to handle them carefully and 2, count ’em 2, first editions of Elaine Showalter’s Sexual Anarchy, because my husband accidentally got me the british first edition and then realized he wanted the american first. Working in the “natural products industry” has made me, naturally, think that bacon and martini olives are food groups. In fact, they’re the only two food groups I pay close attention to. I’ve been married for ten years to a man who I think think thinks I’m crazy and we have a son who inherited my stubbornness, temper and charming smile.

Oh, and despite the outward appearance of a lack of self-confidence I’m actually quite arrogant.