by mollykl

To start with, I’ll give credit where credit is due. Marvel, you’ve done a good job. You’ve included female characters in your superhero movies that are an integral part of the plot, not just a vehicle or plot device. They have strengths and weaknesses, and sometimes their weaknesses turn out to be strengths. You know, just like real people.

Now, step it the fuck up. Realize that little girls, and big girls for that matter, are an economic force. If we want Black Widow action figures then give us Black Widow action figures. (Personally I’m all for Scarlet Witch) We are a huge market; we watch Game of Thrones, Agent Carter, Outlander and Daredevil, we buy comic books and novels, we want superheroes we can look up to, and damn it if we’re 6 and want light-up shoes with Black Widow on them ’cause our brother gots light-up Iron Man shoes, we should get them.

I can’t say it any better than Jessica Chobot of the Nerdist News. I watch this from time to time because I love how freakin enthusiastic she is – I don’t expect searing social commentary, delivered with a snarky smile, that would make dead feminist scholars stand up from their graves and cheer.

See, you can love something and still criticize it, because you want to make it better. In Marvel’s case they have done so much, we know they can do better. Don’t tell me I should be grateful that I got Natasha in 4 movies. Be grateful that I came to see Natasha in 4 movies.

Marvel, after you actually get around to dealing with Black Widow, give Jessica Chobot an action figure. She deserves one for handing your ass to you.