by mollykl

I’m helping out at another store for a week, and yesterday was my first day there. They have a coffee bar! And hot breakfast! Bacon and hash browns!! I sent pics of the bacon to my friends back at my store – I was that excited. So when my break came I went to town: whole milk latte, bacon, hash browns. And then about 2 hours later I noticed that the music was really loud. And why are the lights in this store so damn bright? I brushed off the shoulders aching as not being used to doing something different on friday (sitting and breaking down the tag bundle as opposed to actually getting out there and busting my ass hanging said tags). It started to get hard to keep my head up, because the pain along the back of my neck was that intense. Everything got more blurry than it usually is (I’m waiting on a new pair of glasses). Then there was the nausea.

Since I’d been sick a few weeks back, and never got rid of the cough I figured either I was getting sick again or getting a migraine. (Which was a bummer, because I got the message in the afternoon that my new glasses were ready, but I knew you can’t try to get used to trifocals if you’re fighting off a migraine)

I went home, had some hot lemonade with Manuka honey, a hot shower, and wrapped myself up in bed. But not before I texted my friend S “Aack. Had a latte, hashbrowns and bacon and now either have a migraine or getting sick again. Lesson learned universe.”

At work our healthy living specialist got us in to a fitness challenge. She started with our current weight and BMI and we’re keeping track of this for 12 weeks. I’ve been doing pretty well  lost 10 pounds so far, and managed to get my BMI down to the normal range. I’ve just been watching the quality of the food I eat. I got the Lose It! app for my phone, which has helped. I’ve never thought calorie counting was a good idea, I prefer to focus on actually enjoying my food, but this has been great because it lets me see the nutritional value of food and then make up my own mind what’s worth it and what’s not.

Migraine, definitely not worth it.

Once I started eating better whenever I would decide, “I don’t want to cook – let’s get a pizza” I would feel awful the next day. While once I was getting a venti latte a day (in addition to my cafe au lait before work), I went to zero. Last week I went back to getting them and the cough got worse and I got more and more tired. I’m trying to pay attention to that more. After a week of eating more healthily a coworker said I looked taller – well, that was because I was standing up straighter, because I had more energy and generally felt better. Not so yesterday.

I know what I should do, sometimes though I need a reminder of why. Got that yesterday. Ok universe, lesson learned.