Shipping Up to Boston

by mollykl

The problem with history is that it’s all about death. Everyone’s dead. My “This day in history” app is an exercise in “let’s see what horrible thing happened on this day” – there’s usually a body count. But yes occasionally there’s something happy and I cling to those because they are few and far between. And there are the events that are decidedly not happy but that you can look back on and see those little flecks of gold.

Today marks the 2nd anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing and while it’s sad to say we could actually give out an award for “best city-wide response to terrorist action” it’s clear that it needs to go to Boston. Help the wounded, donate blood, clean up, then home to bed. Done, done, and done.

Stephen Colbert says it so much better than I, so here you go:


And my p.s. is this: the Boston Marathon is an international event. Many of those people donating blood and helping out were from other states and other countries.

p.p.s. No I am not predisposed towards Boston because I’m a Red Sox fan.