Song for America

by mollykl

I just finished writing letters to our City Council members and the Mayor. The after- and summer- school program my son attends is being threatened with closure, and if that happens, well, we’re working on our options. We don’t have many. We were really lucky that we found a program we could afford (yeah, we’re not bitching about not getting free child care – we pay for that) and that we could, more importantly, trust.

It is what it is, but we’re not going down without a fight, hence the letters.

But it’s disheartening. At campaign time politicians blah, blah, blah about how important families are and how they understand. Meanwhile, they approved spending 8 million dollars on art work for the new arena, and they will vote on closing 4 after school programs because they need to save $500,000. Um, yeah, I was an English major and even I can do that math. Instead of spending time and effort on real concerns of the city they spent their time on the decoration in front of the arena. Apparently children’s well-being and development is trumped by the cache of a piece of art by Jeff Koons.

So it’s more important that we look like we can play with the big boys than actually serve the next generation. Ok, got it. You’d think at this point I couldn’t be more cynical, but thankfully politics keeps pushing that event horizon.

A note, though: remember boys and girls, I’m a registered voter, and I’m not afraid to use that power.