Play the game tonight

by mollykl

Oh spring, even with the sneezing, the warm-weather colds and the weepy eyes you’re still dear to me. Wait, that’s not you, that’s baseball (and being a Red Sox fan every year usually involves tears to some extent). I suppose it’s human nature to have a hopeful heart in the spring – nature itself seems to tickle until you give in. For me the fall is when “the new year” really begins. I don’t go for January much in the way of resolutions. Fall is the beginning and the end.

But spring has it’s moments. Spring’s another chance to try again, or, as the meme goes, to yell “plot twist” and move in another direction. So if you find yourself in need of some encouragement try this, borrowed from baseball: pick a walk-up song. You know, that song that plays loud enough for the cheap seats to be deafened by.

Now hear it in your head every time you walk in to work, to class, to a first date or a last date, to anywhere any situation where you need a little help.

You’re already smiling and standing a little straighter aren’t you?

If you know me then you already know what mine is….