The song remains the same

by mollykl

So in the world of Supernatural fandom, you’re either a Sam or a Dean. Me? I’m all for John Winchester. (Jeffery Dean Morgan is the only reason I’d even consider watching “Grey’s Anatomy”…which I didn’t…but he’s the only reason I WOULD actually consider it). My preference might be because the character is closer to my age; there are times watching tv that you think, “Oh crap, that guy is young enough to be my son” and, well, that pretty much nixes that.

But in addition to hot dad-guy, hilarious siblings (and despite the vast amount of crying on this show it is really f-ing funny) and some really spot-on commentary on the nature of good and evil I love this show for…the music. Because it’s the music that I basically grew up with: Boston, AC/DC, Styx, Kansas. Boston got me through college; AC/DC’s Back in Black was the first music I bought for myself (and when my dad listened to it he said, “You’re getting headphones for Christmas”…and I did); I still vividly remember the first time I heard Styx’s Paradise Theater album.

So what is it about music? I know that the limbic system is the “old” part of the brain, the part that hasn’t changed much through evolution, and that it’s tied directly in to the sense of smell. You can catch a scent of something and be transported to another place and time. I know that you can hear something and the same will happen, so does hearing tie in with the limbic system as well? I know every song that I played when pregnant with son j (and ask me sometime about how when he was fussy AC/DC would calm him down immediately); I still remember what album was playing when husband J kissed me for the first time; and I consider it an act of God that every time I’m upset in the car “Carry On (My Wayward Son)” comes on the radio.

Everything in life changes: friends come and go and we say goodbye to jobs, houses, circumstances. We laugh, we cry and sometimes we feel we can’t go on, but the song remains the same. Maybe that’s what music gives us – a constant to guide by, something we can always come home to.