25 years

by mollykl

Despite my snarkiness about it I really love that I get to work with people so much younger than I. It’s nice to get a different view of the world, to learn something new, and, to be honest, to get to smile and think,”I’ve got books older than you…”

I have a “This day in history” app that I love and check everyday. Some days nothing interesting happened and some days just seemed blessed, or cursed, whatever the case.

On this particular day in history in 1989 the East German government announced that citizens could start travelling freely to West Germany. The actual wall dividing Berlin and Germany didn’t come down till much later but the important part, the laws denying access to the West and the resulting guards (you know, the ones with machine guns) at the wall and checkpoints, well today’s the day those were demolished.

Since I’ve got co-workers and friends who weren’t even alive at the time here’s a short list of things they might not appreciate as much as someone my age. (Note I said “might not” I won’t be so arrogant as to assume they would not). The things others might take for granted are the things that I still look on and say, “I still can’t believe that happened.”

1. Fall of the Berlin Wall

2. Northern Ireland Peace Accord

3. Brady Bill

4. Successful space shuttle take-offs.

5. I’d say “Russia” instead of a “Soviet Union” but honestly I think Putin’s a whack-job who scares me more than Brezhnev ever did.