The kindness of strangers

by mollykl

Much has been made this week of the death of Fred Phelps, founder of the Westboro Baptist Church. You know them, they’re the ones who protest soldier’s funerals. And the less said about them the better. My friend M posted a video of Carl Sagan on Facebook saying, of Phelps “…I’m not going to link to his obituary. Instead, here’s a reminder of someone who dearly loved the world (indeed, the whole universe):”.

It would be easy to want to protest his funeral or make snarky comments about him possibly enjoying hell. it would be better to wave goodbye and do as M did, focus on the people who try to make this a better world by appreciating all it has to offer.

Today, enjoying the spring, I rode my bike to my haircut. Felt great and it was a beautiful ride along the bike trail. All was well…until I started to ride home and my derailleur fell apart faster than the plot of a Michael Bay film. I resigned myself to walking home but decided to try to fiddle with the chain a bit. A stranger came out of his apartment building and asked if he could take a look. He found what the problem was and suggested I backtrack just a bit and take it into East Sac Bikes. He thought they could maybe patch fix it to get me home. I thanked him and headed off.

My point is this: You can be the person who hates the world, or you can be the complete stranger who gets his hands dirty to help someone out. Which do you think is going to change the world for the better and, more importantly, which are you?