10 things I love about son j

by mollykl

It’s my day off and I had plans. Got the house cleaning and present buying out of the way early and was heading home to watch Walking Dead re-runs, read two new books, and maybe start planning the next garden. But plans go awry – in this case to a bad, bad, bad day for son j. So bad that I’m pulling him from his program tomorrow (shout out to my store for hurriedly covering me – thanks y’all you’re the best!).

So here’s my list of my 10 favorite things about son j, because sometimes I need to be reminded that the things that drive me crazy are also the things that I most admire about him

1. Is the only person in the world who loves Iron Man, Captain America and the Avengers as much as I do.

2. Frighteningly intelligent (which has already come around to bite me in the ass, and I suspect it will only get worse as he gets older)

3. Quick to love

4. Sensitive

5. The best laugh I’ve ever heard

6. The most brilliant smile I’ve ever seen…also the best “guilty” smile I’ve ever seen. Kid will make a lousy poker player.

7. One of the few people in this world with the balls to call me out.

8. He’s 6 and he loves to make origami cranes.

9. Likes to write “I love you” on everything

10. Sometimes when he’s done something he shouldn’t have and he’s defiant about it…I’m secretly impressed.