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Month: July, 2013

5 things I learned from my co-workers

by mollykl

It’s a good day when you learn something new, and I think that’s the beauty of working with so many and such a variety of people. So in honor of my awesome co-workers here’s a few of the things I’ve learned from them.

1. How to cook a steak (or any meat for that matter): cook it in bacon fat. Don’t cook it for too long. Make sure the pan is hot enough. Don’t poke at it. LET IT REST!

2. Don’t store your tomatoes in the fridge – it kills the flavor. Keep them on the counter. However, DO store your apples in the fridge – it slows the ripening.

3. Before you get on your kid’s case about something stop and remember what it was like to be a kid, then ask yourself if it’s really worth making a big deal out of.

4. When making an espresso drink with milk pour a little of the milk into the glass and then add the shot while you finish steaming the milk. That way the coffee doesn’t start turning sour.

5. You (meaning me) are not 23 anymore. You (meaning me) cannot keep up. But it would funny as hell to watch you (meaning me) try.


4 reasons why I’m an awesome wife

by mollykl

For those of you who are wondering how husband J could have possibly survived the last 24 years.

1. I’ve uttered the words “You know what we need? Call of Duty” and “Go ahead, buy the biggest tv that you want”.

2. I cook.

3. I clean.

4. I say things like “You should go out with friends, I’ll take care of (son) j”. And I actually mean it. And I don’t make him feel bad about it later.

Note: This post was originally titled “5 reasons I’m an awesome wife”, but I could only come up with 4 items.

The “list posts”

by mollykl

August in Sacramento used to be hell. Seriously. 105 degrees, the local news doing the obligatory “cooking eggs on the sidewalk” story, you’d actually feel sorry for the rattlesnakes kind of hell. ┬áThis year we hit August early, which does not bode well for when August actually arrives.

As in past years it might indeed be too hot to think. So once again I present to you an entire month of lists, just starting a bit early. Some will be repeats, because, really, my favorite literary theorists have not changed. Some will be new. Some will be serious….most will be frivolous.

Sit back, relax, pour yourself a drink, and enjoy.