5 things to snag in the event of a zombie apocalypse

by mollykl

I’ve actually had this conversation with people. You know, the what to do in the event of a zombie apocalypse conversation. Guns are always mentioned. People always start with guns and then go on to everything that could be used as a weapon: golf clubs, shovels, etc etc. Here’s the thing: no ever thinks about the other stuff that REALLY MATTERS. So here it is, the list of the other suff you should probably remember when you’re raiding the deserted CVS (with an armed  lookout on the roof, just in case):

1. Hydrogen peroxide.  Even if you manage to avoid getting hurt by zombies chances are while you’re on the run and trying to survive accidents will happen. This shit is GOLD! What can’t it be used for?

2. Super glue. For wounds. Seriously, it’s awesome and holds better than liquid skin.

3. Doxycilin or amoxycilin. Break into the pharmacy. See the oxycontin and the vicodin? Keep moving buddy that’ll just make you slower and easier to catch and eat. But grab those antibiotics. Chances are you’ll need them at some point. (And pay attention to the expiration dates)

4. One of those compact sewing kits. One assumes you are not a 16 year old girl on her first trip to Europe and have not escaped the ravenous hordes with a car full of clothes. Be practical for god’s sake! Just repair things. Also, if there are extra spools of thread grab a few – they work on sewing up wounds that require more than glue. (Note: boil the thread first)

5. A map. Chances are you only know the major highways and streets of where ever it is you live. You’re going to want alternate routes. (Aack, remember the “zombie herd” scene from Walking Dead? Yeah, you’re gonna want to avoid that…)

Also, you might want to keep this on hand….you know…just in case.

For those of you who really plan ahead… Yes it’s a survival kit that fits inside an Altoids tin.