My 10 favorite guilty pleasures

by mollykl

1. Nickelback (don’t even have an excuse)

2. Miller Genuine Draft (in bottles)

3. the Reagan era (good vs. evil was so delightfully black and white then: America good! Soviets bad!)

4. J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series. (I hide them behind the Jane Austen)

5. Jar of “queso” dip and chips at 7 in the morning. (Hey, when you start work at 3 a.m. 7 is essentially lunchtime. So, so bad for me…so, so yummy)

6. Gunne Sax dresses from the 80′s (because I never got to wear one to prom. Thinking of buying one just to have it)

7. the new Hawaii Five-O. (Yeah, I watch for the hot guy and the snarky guy, so sue me)

8. Johnson & Johnson Baby Lotion (I know it’s made of crappy ingredients but I can’t resist the scent)

9. Nice stationary (shouldn’t be a guilty pleasure, but since I DON’T WRITE LETTERS and it just sits there…it is)

10. Having a cocktail while playing legos and watching Transformers with son j. (If I was a good mom I’d wait till later. I’m not. I’m having the damn drink. Also, I can make a better Bumblebee than you.)