6 things that piss me off

by mollykl

You should be happy that I’m limiting it to only 6 things….

1. Priuses in the fast lane. No. Just leave. I don’t care if you got that nice sticker allowing you to drive in the carpool lane, your car is holding everyone up (and, hello?, you do not do 50 in the fast lane).

2. E-book authors who don’t bother to hire editors. Aarrrggghhh! Stupid spelling errors are infuriating when you’re paying for something. And it makes me think you are an idiot, and that, by extension, I must be an idiot for reading your work. I do not like feeling like an idiot. (ppsss! it’s FIR tree not FUR tree! seriously?)

3. Reality tv. The ruination of America. Let’s pay people to be stupid and cruel and make them famous for their stupidity and cruelty!

4. The pretentious use of the word “foodie”. Congratulations, you know who Alice Waters is. Now shut up and eat. Or better yet, shut up and feed someone else.

5. Newt Gingrich anytime he opens his mouth to talk about “the sanctity of marriage”. You cheated on two of your three wives. You are the last person who should be discoursing on the subject.

6. Dismissing service people. The waiter, the busboy, the courtesy clerk, the checker, the guy who’s nice enough to help you lift the bark into your car at Home Depot.  Look them in the eye. You are not better than them you miserable fuck. They are what is keeping this economy still breathing. You might want to say thank you.