by mollykl

Son J has started to ask some troubling questions. Being as he’s, well, son J, these aren’t your normal troubling questions along the lines of “where do babies come from” or “what happens when you die”. No, because he’s my kid he can’t ask those questions (which I would have immediately passed off to husband J).

The other day I got:

“How does the food get to the store?”

“What happens if the food runs out?”

“No really, what if there’s no more food?”

Since I work in a grocery store I was able to tell him how NorCal Produce gets our fruits and vegetables to us. Then, of course he wanted to know what would happen if the food ran out. I explained that is why we have to take care of the water and the air, but he pressed on with the question. Apparently I wasn’t answering the question sufficiently.

Tonight we watched Iron Man for the one billionth time. About 1/3 way through he asked:

“How did the bad guys get the weapons from his company?”

Not one to pull punches I told him that they were sold to the bad guys.

“By who? Did Tony sell his weapons to bad guys?”

No, but it was someone in his company. It’s pretty easy for the bad guys to get weapons.

“But why would they sell them to bad guys?”

Because someone wanted money and power.

“Well that’s stupid.”

Well, yeah.

A frequent question when we’re watching a movie is:

“Is that a bad guy?”

Son J wants to know who the bad guys are and who the good guys are. He will ask this question incessantly.

I, being myself, will usually answer honestly.

“That’s a good guy who is doing bad things because he thinks it’s right.”


“That’s a bad guy who is doing something good.”

I’m pretty sure that his questions and my answers are going to get him into trouble in grades 1-12, but he’s going to OWN university.