Shakespeare on parenting, part 2

by mollykl

“How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is
To have a thankless child!”

King Lear Act 1, scene 4, 281-289

This quote is an example of what NOT to be as a parent. Lear was an asshole. He thinks his kids “owe” him. If you’re a parent who thinks this sentence has any validity you should probably seek counselling. Better yet, remember it when you wonder why your kid has a sense of entitlement, because guess where he/she got it from? That’s right: you.

Yes children should be thankful – they should be thankful to be alive, to be have food and shelter and love. But they shouldn’t be thankful to you. It’s your job. You decided to have kids, so man the fuck up and be a parent. If you thought it was going to come with a gold medal you must have read a different owners manual.