Because I don’t buy books as decorative items

by mollykl

Usually about this time after Christmas I start thinking about my New Year’s resolutions. This year, however, I’ve decided that I’m damn near perfect, that all of my supposed “faults” are my best attributes and that anyone who doesn’t think so can kiss my ass. So instead of a list of resolutions I’m writing up a list of the books I want to re-read. Yes, re-read. I’m not going to bother with a list of the books I want to read, because I never know what they may be – I tend to find books and authors randomly, then go through their entire catalog like wildfire. Ah, but re-reading…that tells you something is worth the effort.

1. Pride & Prejudice

2. The Secret Garden

3. My Garden Companion

4. In Defense of Food

5. Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea

6. Thunderball

7. It’s a boy!

8. The Perfectly Imperfect Home

9. Strong Poison

10. The Leopard’s Prey