What’s in a name: Plan B

by mollykl


Do you have that place where, when you walk in you feel immediately at ease? For husband J and I it’s Plan B. We go there when we want a nice meal on the town, we go there when it’s been a horrible day, we go there when we just want to relax and have some good food. We’ll sit and talk or we’ll sit and pointedly not talk, because for us it’s the restaurant where we can just relax and be at ease.


Son J has heard the phrase, “Let’s go to Plan B” so often that he’s probably never going to understand the other context.

So one night we were there and I was staring mindlessly through the lettering on the window and when owner Lucas came to our table with my (second) cocktail I just had to ask, “How DID you get the name Plan B?”

Turns out that Lucas was hired to turn around a restaurant here in Sacramento. Of course after he’d moved his family the deal went south. So, ta-da! Plan B was born. The original Plan B was in the Greenhaven/Pocket neighborhood. Oddly enough, for quite a while I carried around a card from them in my work planner. I’d found it and thought, “Hey French food! I should try that place!” I never did. In the meantime they moved out to the Arden area.


I don’t remember how exactly we came upon it but let me just say that when we were house-hunting one of the coolest things about our current house was that it was so close to Plan B. I’m not saying that it was the ONLY reason we bought the house….but they do make a damn fine cocktail.

Get the Plan B cocktail (actually get a few of them) Get the Mussels Epice. Get the frisee salad. Anything with mushrooms, get it. Anything with fries, get it (the fries are to DIE for). I’m boring and I almost always get the same thing, but whenever I try something new I’m never disappointed.

If you know me then you know that I am quite socially awkward. I tend to have mild panic attacks when out in public, and since I work with the public that can make for long days. Finding a place where I can just relax and breathe is priceless.    I also happen to get to eat really well in the process.