by mollykl

I woke up in pain in the middle of last night and for a split second was mightily confused. I couldn’t figure out why I hurt, and then I remembered. I ran out of the medication for my skin and unfortunately, my pharmacy is inside a store that is currently having, ahem, labor issues. Not willing to cross a picket line, least of all for rosacea meds, I’ve been without, hence the pain.

And I thought this morning, “That’s it? THAT’S the worst I’ve got?” Not bad, eh? Sure, the rosacea isn’t my doing, but it’s not too bad, and the rest of any health issues I have are entirely my own damn fault for preferring to drink French white wine and lay on the couch watching “Arrow” rather than drink water and exercise.

I’m actually in pretty decent condition and my body does what I need it to. Not everyone is so lucky.

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