Thank you

by mollykl

Thank you needs to be a word we say more often. It’s assumed that you don’t need to be thanked for doing your job – you are paid for it after all. I disagree with that.

S and I were talking today because she’s at another store and she’s hearing “thank you” a lot. She said she’s being thanked just for doing her job. Faced up the wine bottles – “thank you”, helped someone choose a wine – “thank you”. She was actually  singled out last week for doing a great job.  She said she has been trying real hard, but regardless, it’s nice to get some positive feedback. Sometimes that positive feedback is the start of something: you get a little appreciation and you have a little more pride in your work, you work a little harder, and so on.

In my court we have an amazing mail lady. Her name is Sue and she’s always so nice and positive. Even when she’s exhausted she’s got a kind word and is going above and beyond.  About a week ago she went back to the station to check on a lost package of mine and then called me. SHE’S THE MAIL CARRIER! Did you even know that mail carriers do that anymore? I didn’t, until I met Sue. Like me, Sue has a job that I imagine people don’t understand. It probably seems like drudgery. But not to Sue, she’s found the enlightenment of a seemingly simple task, and turned into something extraordinary. She might not see it that way, but that’s what I see when I see her doing her job.

There are people you overlook everyday. You don’t notice them doing their jobs, or you might only notice when they make a mistake. You get angry when they screw up, you should also be appreciative when they don’t.