by mollykl

Trying to raise a child that is grateful has one awesome side-effect: it’s made me realize that I could stand to be more grateful for the things that I take for granted.

While I had a good day at work today, there were parts of the day that I could have done without. Unfortunately, those were the parts that I dwelled on. (Why couldn’t I dwell on Bob’s exclamation of  “I’M THE SMART ONE!!!”) In the car I remembered that I have a damn lot to be grateful for, and that if I want son J to be positive and focus on the good, I need to as well. Which is why I soon as I saw husband J I told him about “I’M THE SMART ONE!!!”.  He didn’t get it. I, however, laughed hysterically.

Son J and I talked about what we were grateful for today. I said that I was really grateful that we still had a safe and sturdy house to live in and that a lot of people on the east coast didn’t. Son J agreed that our house is awesome and we should be happy to live here.

That’s a good start.

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