3 brilliant ideas I’ve had while at work

by mollykl

1. Grocery yoga! This gem was from today, when I was trying to reach behind a full pallet to pull out 12 packs of soda. Picture it if you will: right leg wedged between two waist high stacks of 12 packs, left leg stretched behind me for counter-balance, left hand on lower stack of 12 packs, right hand reaching down while twisting torso.  Actually felt pretty good and my calves are nice and limber now.

2. Ad day specific i-pod playlist. I listen to the BBC usually, but I should have a playlist that times where I should be in the ad off/ad on process. Such as, by the time the first Nickelback album in done I’ve completed the ad off batch. And am then ready to scratch my eyes out.

3. A cafe/bar that caters specifically to the grocery industry. On Anthony Bourdain’s show I saw a restaurant in Les Halles that was pretty much for the workers there. Meat cutters came in still in their aprons and with blood all over their shoes, no one was “dressed up”, and many were dead tired. They got coffee or a sandwich and a glass of wine and talked and laughed and probably bitched.  I want a place where I can get a latte at 2:30 a.m. and where, when my shift is over at 11:30 a.m., I can go and have a nice sandwich and a salad and a glass (or two) or red wine and relax and laugh and, probably, bitch, and not worry that I’m not wearing makeup or dressed nicely, that it’s ok that I have black permanent ink on my hands from the sign pens.