This is the end my friends.

by mollykl

The end of the school year is here….and we’ve managed to survive. It has not been easy. Son J did not, shall we say, acclimate to school well. He’s a smart kid, but he has the focus of a Labrador, and that’s being unkind to labs. It has been a constant struggle to find out what works for him and what doesn’t, and to make him understand why he has to do things he thinks are boring . (That last part is particularly hard when you don’t quite grasp the concept yourself).

But he did it: he managed to make it through the school year without being kicked out and having to endure homeschooling by a woman who can only talk about history, Jane Austen and evolutionary epidemiology.

The fact is that things around here finished a damn sight better than they started,  so today we’re celebrating!