“No one can make you feel inferior without your permission”

by mollykl

…yeah, but with apologies to Eleanor Roosevelt, to whom this quote is oft attributed, I call bullshit.

People can totally make you feel inferior WITHOUT your permission, even if you walk into a situation head held high, knowing you are doing a good job and that you can pretty much take on the world.

Because THAT’S WHAT PEOPLE DO. No, this is not one of my “people suck” posts. This is just how it is.

You can be beaten down by the world. You don’t have to acquiesce. But it might still happen. It happens in small increments – a comment that is just this side of judgmental about how you’ve chosen to raise your kid, a passing comment said as a jest about your ass or a “why did you do that” about your job. Don’t think that an overabundance of self-esteem is going to help that. Also, don’t think that a smattering of logic will help either. It won’t.

Yes, you are awesome. No, other people do not recognize that.

Fuck them.