What do your friends say about you?

by mollykl

Ever given that a thought? Not what they might say about you behind your back, but rather when people see your comments to your friends on Facebook (and trust me when I say that I’m well aware that the people your are “friends” with on Facebook may not, in fact, be true friends) what do they think?

I just liked a post by my cousin J, whom I also count as a friend, because I truly like her (as opposed to “having” to like her because we’re related).  Now her photo is on my feed and my other friends can see her. (And I’m thinking, What. The. Fuck. how come I didn’t get those genes? Why did I get the glasses and mousy hair genes?)

Likewise, I’m not sure I want to know what my sister C is thinking every time she happens to see a post from one of my co-workers. She’s probably thinking that we’re all crazy, and since she shops at one of our stores, she probably already knows that.

I’ve got my work friends, my college friends, my family friends, my Portland friends and my Sacramento friends (the non-work ones – there are only 7).

Every friend knows some different aspect of my life – and what one knows might seem completely foreign to another. So what do my friends say about me? And what you yours say about you?