X is for “Xenophobia”

by mollykl

…or “fear of strangers or others”. Well that’s a lot of leeway isn’t it? When I think of xenophobia I automatically, and unfairly, think of the French. You can live there, hell, you can be BORN there and you still might not be considered really  and truly French.  Sadly, this is also true here. Think of all the pseudo-rhetoric that Bill O’Reilly spouts and you get my point. (I shall say nothing, NOTHING, of the fact that a schmuck with a name like O’Reilly blathers on about immigration. And yes, I know what the Yiddish of schmuck really means.)

I think xenophobia is just a human trait.  MY land, not yours. MY country, not yours. And ultimately, MY dna, not yours. Being able to move beyond basic animal instinct is what then makes us truly human.

It’s clear not everyone is going to make the cut.