V is for “variety”

by mollykl

(Note: yes, the April 30-day blogging challenge is over, and I failed, but I’m going to go till Z! Bwahaha! I make my own rules and damn the consequences! Yeah, it’s been that kind of week.)

Last night the husband and I actually had a date night. We used to have every wednesday – out to dinner and then maybe to a bookstore. And then it was yoga every wednesday. But that fell by the wayside.

I worked in our West Sac store for a few hours yesterday, and I was having lunch and talking restaurants and R mentioned “The Eatery” which is in the same complex as the store. She raved about the “build your own eggs benedict” and the sangria, so I texted the husband and asked if he wanted to go out to dinner.

We actually went someplace new! This will be a shock to friends who complain that we never go anywhere but a. Plan B or b. Waterboy. It was nice – J had chicken tacos that he really liked and I had a great mushroom and asparagus risotto (I’m a sucker for risotto but hate stirring).

And then we hit Lowe’s to look at fountains. Because, you know, we have been married for 12 years and live in the suburbs.