P is for “Patience”

by mollykl

It’s not my strong suit. (WHAT!? you gasp, your world shaken to the core….)

You’d think that by the age of 44 I’d have developed some patience. You’d think that having a 5 year old would have helped that process along. (It now occurs to me that I should have been less patient with the getting pregnant thing and have done that when I was 22, then I wouldn’t be trying to remain calm and patient while dealing with a misbehaving five year old at the age of 44).

I want my kid to behave perfectly NOW! I want my skin to clear up NOW! I want my favorite authors to publish their next books NOW! And where the hell are the shoes I ordered on line? Shouldn’t they be here NOW?

Breathe deep. Think of happy place. Remember how much I love perfectly imperfect son J. Put on some music and start dinner.

And vow to be more patient tomorrow.