N is for “Not”

by mollykl

As in, the things I did “NOT” do on my 4-day vacation.

I did NOT do the spring cleaning, as planned. Yes, I did a little cleaning, but that was so I could have a clean bathroom in which to have the longest shower known to man before going out to dinner.

I did NOT watch tv endlessly, ignoring the books I’d not had time to read until now. I did watch a little: Hey, magnum, p.i.’s on Netflix streaming! But mostly I read…a lot. I mean, a lot.

I did NOT pick son J up early from school every day out of some stupid misplaced sense of guilt. Oh please, I’m a great parent and I actually spend time with my kid. I’m spending some time on myself. And dragging him to Sephora would have been ugly.

I did NOT schlep down for my two dinner dates. High heels and dresses both times! I actually felt a little over dressed at Waterboy on Saturday night, because we went really early. (Husband J knows that my internal clock still wants to go to sleep by 8, even if I am on vacation)

I did NOT watch what I eat or what I drink, which is a damn good thing when faced with Plan B’s Mussels Epice and the Plan B Cocktail, or Waterboy’s Steak Tartare and the best damn Vesper I’ve had in my life (those are tricky, trust me, I’ve had horrible).

And lastly, I did NOT wish it was longer. yes, I’m thinking I need to do this again, but I’m feeling I can go back to work tomorrow and feel like I’ve had a vacation. No, it’s not a week in Bora Bora, but it worked.