L is for “liquor”

by mollykl

Or “Laphraoig” or “Lagavulin”, take your pick. My two favorite scotches, I’ve got a bottle of each and I go between them depending upon how the mood strikes me. Want something a tad smoother? The Lagavulin. Need something a bit more masochistic? The Laphroaig. Both really peaty…I mean…really peaty. Smoky and rich and everything scotch should be.

These two I never, ever mix with anything save for the occasional ice cube or two or a bit of water. There’s a local bar that makes a cocktail with the Laphroaig and just the thought makes me ill. Why, WHY?, would you do that? But maybe that’s just me.

(I had a friend e-mail me with, “Hey, I know you’re all into Jane Austen and stuff, but I know you like scotch and the Red Sox and I’m reading these books and two of the main characters are really into this scotch, Lagavulin, have you heard of it?” She didn’t like the scotch, but I loved the books. And that was how my fish got his name!)