D is for “drink”

by mollykl

I have a Pinterest board just for cocktails. I haven’t actually made myself a cocktail in a while (cutting back on alcohol for my skin -it’s totally NOT working so, screw it, I’m having a martini tonight). I will actually make cocktails that I get at bars at home (memorize the name and then google the recipe). I’m a big fan of the Sazerac, which I first had at the Shady Lady. Theirs are better, but mine come in the comfort of my own home, with my music on, and the only people I’m older than here are, well, everyone, but at least no one here is in their twenties.

I have martini glasses, but most of the time I mix my drinks in highballs, because they feel more solid. I feel clumsy with a martini glass, like a bull in a china shop or like i’m wearing mittens. Delicate glasses are great if you can handle them in a way that makes you look graceful. Really, all I want from a drink is the drink. My neighbor K says I make the best martinis in the world, and since her husband is a former bartender that’s high praise.

One drink I haven’t been able to replicate is the Plan B from Plan B Restaurant. It’s like a Sidecar, but about a million times stronger. It’s sweet, but so that it throws me off. We go there just enough that the owner will just look at me and say, “So you’re having a drink…” To which I want to reply, “I’m breathing aren’t I?” The Plan B,  poached egg salad and the mussels are the cure all for a hard day.  A word of warning: you can easily down a couple of those cocktails without realizing it, especially if you are arguing with your husband about the artistic merits of Nickelback, comic-book movies and why Steampunk novels all have zombies in them.