by mollykl

As in, the drug, not the sidewalk occurrence. My evil neighbor K convinced me to sign up to Pinterest.  She may be the devil incarnate, as I think Pinterest is quite possibly the web equivelent of crack. Facebook, yeah, that’s interesting. Twitter, never got into. But this…oh this…..

So far, thanks to Pinterest, I have:

1. Made a terrarium with son J.

2. Made a sparkle jar (out of glitter glue, water and an empty Bonne Maman jar).

3. Made a completely rocking stain remover (you know you’re married, have a kid and live in suburbs when you get excited about STAIN REMOVER).

4. Made a chocolate caramel lava cake.

5. Made washable, non-toxic, sidewalk paint.

6. Made non-alcoholic flavored water.

7. Made green iced tea with tangerine.

8. Made gardens markers, for J’s snap-pea and radish garden,  out of wine corks.

9. Made no-bake energy bites for my breakfasts.

Not bad, eh? Son J and I have been having a blast doing “projects”. It’s a win-win: I get to spend time actually things with him other than nagging or lecturing and he gets to get messy. Oh, who am I kidding. Win-win-win because I get to get messy too.