How to be a modern rebel: be polite.

by mollykl

At  5:04 last night I wrote the following:

Hello Matchbook Magazine! Any idea when you might be formatted for the Kindle Fire? I’ve tried to read you, but am stuck with my laptop, because the page view is askew on my Fire.

Thank you!
At 5:33 I received the following:

Hi Molly,

Thanks for writing! Basically it comes down to funding — we’re just a bootstrapped two person team right now, but the second we have the funds a better iPad/Kindle/Nook solution is at the top of our list! I know it’s frustrating trying to read us on mobile devices, but we hope to have the means to tackle the problem in 2012. Thank you for sticking with us in the meantime and keep in touch!
29 minutes. I got a response in 29 minutes. A nice, polite “here’s the deal we’re trying” response, not a “quit your damn whining it’s a free magazine” response.
Truth be told, I wasn’t actually expecting a response.  At the most I thought I’d get an automated, “Greetings!” response that showed no human actually read my e-mail.
It’s wrong that I am so shocked by what should be an everyday occurrence  (service! manners! a human response!). Apparently, if you want to really stand out, be polite. People won’t know what hit them.