So, face your fears or run away (like a scared little girl?)

by mollykl

Son J’s class needs a parent volunteer for every Thursday morning. It’s an hour….the LONGEST HOUR OF MY LIFE.  I currently do it once a month…and I stress about for the three weeks previous.  Those of you who know me know this: I’m not particularly good with kids. I talk to son J as if he were an adult, and have more than once snapped, “Oh for God’s sake, act like a grownup!” (In his defense, I think I’ve done that to every guy on stock crew as well, and they’re all over 21).

So, should I take up the challenge and help out every week, face my fears and see this as a “growing” experience? (Mehera would be so proud!)

Or, should I run away like the scared little girl I am and make an excuse about “work” (um, yeah, I don’t normally work on Thursdays, BUT I COULD! IT COULD HAPPEN! THERE COULD BE A POS EMERGENCY!)

Part of me thinks this would be a good chance to spend more time with son J, keep an eye on him, and get over my fears of children (they’re small and they don’t behave: they’re like cats, which I’m also a little squeamish around.)

What’s the verdict?