Resolved, the Rosh Hashanah version….

by mollykl

Sorry for the long silence, but life has been…well, life…..

The new year has not turned out the way I’d hoped. But I have a nice list of resolutions that I am bound and damned determined to work on. They’re not really “resolutions” in the way that the January New Year ones are, more of a “what I want to accomplish” list. There’s no “lose ten pounds” , but there is a “learn ancient Greek”.

So here it is, my list of what I want to accomplish in this year of 2011/12/5772.

1. Write a novel. Yeah, this is a big one. I’ve actually started on one. It’s the easier of the two. I started with two ideas, and figured I’d just write when I wanted to on both of them. November, being NANOWRIMO, will focus on the second, infinitely more difficult version, which I’ve spent five months researching, but haven’t started writing yet.   Husband J says I should not be nervous, just dive in, but apparently he hasn’t met me.

2. Work for IPL more. I love it when I’m doing it…so why don’t I check in more?

3. Hike Desolation. I don’t even want to go overnight, just a really long day hike. But with asthma and that f-ed up calf, hiking is a chore. So I need to get back into yoga (to improve my lung function and stretch out that muscle), start running to lose a wee bit of weight and hit the local trails to get the hang of it.

4. Learn to kayak. This one is random. I was out on the bike trail one morning and saw people on the water and thought, “Wow that looks peaceful.” I’d apparently forgotten that I was afraid of water when I put it on the list. So I’ll need to work on my swimming and take some lessons.

5. Plant and grow a garden I’m proud of. This year’s was a good try. We actually got some tomatoes we could eat so I’ll call it a qualified success. But next year can be better. I just need to plan and prep.

6. Learn ancient Greek. Well, why not? I’ve already got quite a bit of the alphabet down. I just want to learn enough to read Sappho in the original.