“What flavor of geek are you?”

by mollykl

So I worked in a different store yesterday, and got to meet someone new. Well, not really new. I’d been hearing about this guy for a while…mostly in the form of…”Have you met J? You two are exactly the SAME!” I blew it off till today when I met him and within five minutes thought, “Oh dear God, I’ve been cloned!” (As I am older I reserve the right to be the original) This guy IS MY EXACT DUPLICATE! His mannerisms, his expressions, the way he clams up when he’s concentrating, the random non sequiturs. It was almost frightening.

When we first met we started breaking down the price changes for the day and he said, “So I’ve heard a lot about you. Everyone says you’re really cool.” To which I replied, “They lied. I’m not cool. I’m a huge dork.”

A moment later he asked, “So what flavor of geek are you?”  I was actually speechless, which is a rare thing. And then I had to think…”hmmm, what flavor of geek AM I?”

He said he was a video game geek (World of Warcraft), but also a sci-fi geek (he may have mentioned Robert Jordan….I was good and didn’t roll my eyes). He knew I’d read Dune, because I’d referenced it in a group e-mail (memo to self…keep geeky references out of work e-mails!). I told him that and Alfred Bester were the only sci-fi I’d ever read. He looked aghast that I’d never read “The Martian Chronicles”, and I said, no, I had, I just didn’t really consider that sci-fi because it was just a story set on another world, there was no real world building. Then we got into a small disagreement about whether world building was really more a fantasy aspect rather than a sci-fi aspect. Oh yes, we did.

So, after some thought, here is what I should have answered to the question:

“I’m the ancient Greek flash card app, still bemoaning the loss of ‘Firefly’, Jane Austen-reading, fountain pen using, Steampunk adoring, and thus Clockwork Couture lusting, ‘History of the Day’ app, complete set of Jim Balent’s run on Catwoman, can spot Jim Lee’s work a mile away, details of Sherlock Holmes observing, cried at the series finale of ‘Voyager’ and named my last fish after the Greek god of war” flavor of geek.

You’re welcome.