by mollykl

Son J’s first day of kindergarten was horrible. HORRIBLE. There was crying and shaking. And, oh my God I don’t even know what to do.

But we got through it. And the second day went much better. I didn’t get to go, it being ad day I was at work at 3 a.m., but husband J said he admitted to being a little scared, but then was fine. And it gets better day by day.

And that’s pretty much my life in a nutshell. The BIG moments that you’re supposed to record for future reminiscing…eh, not so much. But I have a great picture from his second day of kindergarten that I will treasure, because he actually looks happy.

I remember when husband J proposed. We were in Paris, and truth be told, I was rather expecting it. Tried not to stress about it. As the week wore on I started to relax a bit, thinking it wasn’t going to happen. Then, the night before we were to leave we went for a walk. It was October, and foggy and well, Paris. Gorgeous. The streets lights glowing through the cold fog. And I thought…

…this is it…and damn, it was such a lovely walk. Nothing.

In the small, cramped elevator in the hotel he turned to me and blurted out, “Marry me.”

Things don’t ever happen to me the way they’re scripted to. They happen the way they’re supposed to.