Behold the power of negative thinking!

by mollykl

I’m through with positive thinking. Those of you who’ve known me for a while will be wondering when I started with the positive thinking. Well, I tried it for one day and everything just went to hell. I also tried having some self-confidence and that was a miserable failure as well, so I’m throwing that out the window along with the positive thinking.

Rather than seeing myself as pessimistic, I’m going to view it as “realistic”. You know, you CAN prepare for war and hope for peace simultaneously, the bumper stickers have it wrong.

Yesterday I went into my two appointments for the day feeling positive! self-confident! the world is my oyster! FAIL. Both of them. Then I spent the rest of the day crying. (And then, when trying to remind myself of that “perspective” I rant on about I ended up crying even harder.)

Today I went to my doctor’s appointment just ASSUMING she was going to say “cancer, oh and that’s going to leave a scar the size of the New Jersey Turnpike”.

It was fine.

Behold people… the power of negative thinking!