5 good things about having split days off

by mollykl

Despite my curmudgeonly outward appearance, I’m remarkably upbeat about some things. My running joke with my boss is that I start sentences with, “But on the bright side…” and proceed to find, well, the bright side.

So here it is, my list of the good things about having split days off:

1. Two Fridays!

2. Don’t have to work 5 days straight!

3. By Tuesday my work week is half over!

4. I have a day in the week (thursday) to shop and do banking! Bonus: stores are never busy on Thursdays!

5. Let’s be honest, you people with a normal “weekend”, you waste that first or second day, don’t you? Because you’ve got it good and cushy and you think, “Oh what the hell, I’ve got a spare day off. Bwahahaha!” Well, I don’t have a spare, so I appreciate and ENJOY my days off. Even if it just means sitting around watching Anthony Bourdain and enjoying how comfy my couch is!