My 5 most influential college professors

by mollykl

1. Doug Sugano, if you’ve had a class from him, then you know why. ‘Nuff said. If you haven’t, (yeah, Reedies, I’m talkin’ to you), you’ve missed out. 

2. Vic Bobb, because he is living proof that “intellectual” doesn’t equal “elitist jackass”.

3. Rick Hornor. In 1987  I took a theater/music survey course to fulfill a requirement and to pass I had to do a scene (with, oddly enough, the guy I’d had a crush on all semester). I just tried to get through it and as we were leaving class he stopped me to ask if I’d ever thought of acting. No, I hadn’t. I still wouldn’t. But I’ve carried that with me these 20+ years as a reminder that I might be more than I think I am.

4. Toni Carbo. My simple “class project” for Information Ethics helped me more than she’ll ever know.

5. Eileen Abels, Five years of grad school, and approximately 45,000 dollars…and I’m still working in a grocery store. But for fun I answer questions for theInternet Public Library’s Ask a  Librarian service, and it’s the best job I’ve ever had that I didn’t get paid for.  Do I feel that time and money was worth it, even though I’m not actually getting paid to work in a library? Check out the smile on my face when I answer a question for the IPL and then you tell me.