5 things I miss

by mollykl

1. The Soviet Union. I’ll get crap for this, but for an all-powerful enemy, they can’t be beat.  Geez, do you know how much money they spent just on biological weapons development? You couldn’t buy an egg to save your life in the Soviet Union in the 80’s, because they were growing viruses inside them in Novosibirsk.

2. Bending Sprite Botanicals. Every once in a while I do a google search for Michelle, because I miss her salves, and bath salts, and teas, and flower essences so much. She made the best sage bath salt in the world, and I still remember the scent of her rose salve. I’ve tried to replicate it, but just can’t.

3. Letters. Real, paper (and by paper, I mean, 100% cotton rag paper, preferably engraved) letters. Not e-mail. Not text message. Not Facebook. A damn letter. I miss letters. I have saved every letter husband J ever sent me. I’ve also saved those precious letters from C after college, when life was hard, and her letters saved me.

4. The luxury to have a cold and be sick and stay home and eat chicken soup and drink tea and watch movies. I either get my ass out of bed and go to work, or stay home and worry about how much work I’ll have to make up. Oh, and then I have to pick up son J from school and amuse him, while feeling like throwing up.

5. My flat stomach. Not that I’d give up son J for anything in world, but damn, did I have a nice stomach. Ah well, I still have a great ass.