A dog’s life.

by mollykl

So today someone abandoned a puppy in the parking lot of the store. Yes, you read that right. Just left it in a shopping cart. As I succinctly put it, “Oh, someone’s going to hell.”

And while, sadly, I am never surprised by humanity’s lack of, well, humanity, I am constantly surprised, humbled, and generally in awe of how amazing my co-workers are.

Once she was found in the parking lot a group immediately went into “SAVE THE PUPPY!” mode. One got her some food and water. One held her and made sure she was calm. One made up a temporary home with towels (that I think were left over from the summer party). One found a nice quiet place for her to rest up. And pretty much everyone worked to find her a home by the end of the day.

Her name is Hazel, courtesy of B (I have no idea how she came up with name). She now has not only a new, loving home (with a one year old even!), but she has a whole store full of aunts and uncles.

So if you’ve had the sort of day that tests your faith in humanity, rest assured, it’s not all bad. And I can point you in the direction of some people who can make you believe it.