In praise of Maggie, Brick and a hot night

by mollykl

Nights like these, while not the suffocating humidity of the South, are still pretty amazing.  It’s been a 100+ day, with the resulting humidity. The Delta breeze is cooling things down nicely (well, as much as it’s going to), and if you listen carefully you can still hear the cicadas. Over on the river the rattlesnakes are coming out to enjoy the warmed up blacktop of the bike trail, and probably chow down on the mice and lizards unlucky enough get caught. The deer are probably poking their heads out, along with the coyotes and up the river a bit more, perhaps a mountain lion or two.

You can make yourself a gin and tonic or a whiskey rocks and relax on the back porch with the overhead fan going to keep the air moving, and maybe read.

Alternatively, if you simply can’t bear the heat and don’t mind the electricity bill, you can stay in and watch.

It’s really too hot to think, but that’s the beauty of Williams: you’re just caught up in the story and everything hits you like a ton of bricks (no pun intended) later.  Even if you try, really try, to keep your focus on the character’s idiosyncrasies, the setting, or, if watching, the visuals (and by visuals I mean, well, Paul Newman) the story creeps in, and you’ll wake up, maybe a couple of hours later, maybe ten years later, with an, “Oh. Oh!” And then you might need that whiskey.

But in the meantime, enjoy the characters (and trust me that you’ll appreciate Maggie more ten years down the road), the setting, the hot summer night, the cicadas and Paul Newman.