by mollykl

Inspiration has struck! “Time-out meditation”. You meditate while your kid has a time-out. Now if you hold to the standard of a minute per year the kid’s been on this planet for me that means 4 minutes of meditation time for me. 4 1/2 minute if he’s really pushing it and I feel like being strict. It’s really the only time I can count on to sit and be still and silent. And god knows that’s the time when I need peace and calm. But if I’ve got my eyes closed and I’m trying to let my mind NOT focus on the clock, how do I know when his time is up (so to speak)? I was thinking about programming a four-minute time that ends with a chime into my i-pod, then I can plug it into my husbands portable speaker and take it into J’s room. That way he knows when the time-out’s over, and well, so do I.  I could also do a piece of music. I’m a huge fan of Loreena McKinnit and her stuff lends itself to meditation quite well (in fact I listen to her when I’m walking on the trail, it helps me relax, and not think about getting eaten by mountain lions). Any other suggestions?