by mollykl

When I lived in Portland I would, when I could afford it, get a facial. I didn’t have rosacea at that point, just bad skin, and it was a treat. I’ve always worked on my feet, and with people, and with that, as some of you know, comes stress. It was nice to get to spend 90+ minutes doing nothing and having someone take care of ME.

My favorite place I can’t remember the name of, but I remember the esthetician. Jenn was actually a friend of a co-worker, and when I met her she seemed kind, so I decided to give her a try. Now, I’ve actually been to esthetitians who have a. berated me for the state of my skin, b. said, “Oh. Um. Well.” when faced with the fabulousness that is my scar-laden, make-up free self or c. simply acted like I was the furniture. Jenn was a revelation. She was kind, she didn’t lecture (yes, I know I’m supposed to wear sunscreen, I DO wear sunscreen, thank you very much), she just, well, took care of me.

I found out today, thanks to Facebook, that she’s been studying psychology, and it makes so much sense. She was always such a caring person with me, and I was just a client. We were never really friends, just “friends of friends”, but, geez, it’s been nearly 10 years since I had a facial from her, and I still remember her fondly. That says something.

Amy Wechsler, or should I say, Doctor Amy Wechsler, is both a dermatologist and a psychiatrist (apparently one of only two in the country). This seems to be an expanding field, figuring out that what’s going on in your life, and your brain, and, well, your soul, is going to affect your body.

Maybe Jenn just knew that years ago, or maybe she’s just a naturally kind person. Whatever the reason, I’ll always be grateful.