by mollykl

My mother would surely blame this on what she terms my “basic pessimistic nature”, but I never count on everything to go right. Oh most things can go well, but one aspect of life has got to suck. I’ve decided to think of this as a matter of balance. Just like everything does not always suck at the same time, everything cannot always be great at the same time. Or, to quote some comic book from the 90’s, “There is no light without dark.” (I don’t remember which one, but it sounds suspiciously like something from a Marc Silvestri book)

So I figured out today that the areas of my life that I pay attention to are:

1. Son J. How he’s doing at school, how he’s behaving at home, his general welfare.

2. Husband J. Are we getting along? Am I cursing his name under my breath?

3. Me. How am I feeling? How’s my skin? Am I stressed out? Blissful?

4. Work. Does work go smoothly, or do I burst into tears?

5. The Red Sox. Winning? Losing? Above .600?

Yesterday we had a visit from Weights & Measures, which to be honest, we dread. No need to dread. We got 100%. Figure that out people. Over 42,000 sku’s in the store, and we only have to get 3 wrong to fail. That’s some margin. 100%. I literally whooped with joy on the front end. I swear every checkstand went silent and I was jumping up and down grinning like an idiot. So I’m enthusiastic. So sue me.

And then today I kept son J at home. He’s been having a tough time in school: acting out, being loud, the whole she-bang. I have the day off, and I was going to stay home with my Andrew Grant novel (which I’m loving by the way) and maybe get some IPL time in. But instead I decided to spend the day with J. And what a day it was.

We went to Cosumnes River Preserve and saw lizards, cranes, dragonflies and even a skin a snake had shed! We walked for a mile, and had a great time. Then we stopped at the Nugget in Elk Grove and said hi to some people and had a latte (Jen was there – woo-hoo! She makes the BEST lattes) and an apple juice and a croissant. Then we hit the library where J picked up 5 books. And then, miracle of miracles, he took a nap. Now, he hasn’t actually done this in a long time. He slept people! I had to wake him up! We made a pine cone bird feeder and played with the neighbors. He even went over to their house to play! Gasp! Shock!

And while he was at the neighbors I looked at the Red Sox site. And they lost to the frickin’ Padres.

It’s all a balance people.