The one-week vegetable (and fruit) challenge

by uneasyrhetoric

Greetings, readers of Bold Fortune! You’ll note that your normal writer did not produce this post. I am a “guest” writer, generally known as “J” or “husband” on this blog. I have a blog of my own, but it languishes.

This week, we will eat our veggies (and fruit) and we will blog about it here. Each week, we receive a small box of fruits and vegetables from Farm Fresh to You–an eclectic mix of organic munchies. And each week, we end up tossing about half of it because we don’t bother to try to eat it. This week will be different. My goal is to find a way to prepare and consume each of the items we received, before next Friday. If we can keep doing this, we can justify the expense. If we keep throwing out our food, we might as well be spending less money at the supermarket.

This week’s haul proves to be, mostly, stuff we normally eat:

    3 ears of corn
    2 heirloom tomatoes
    green leaf lettuce
    Tokyo turnips

The turnips are the odd vegetable out.

Blog posts about how we used our box will begin: Waste Not, Want Not Day X.