Just. Don’t.

by mollykl

I can’t put it any better, so here is Deanna Raybourn, commenting on the “what the hell are they thinking?” behavior of certain men these days:

“So this latest political scandal has got me to thinking about the differences between the sexes and how perfectly clueless some men really are. Someone should pen a memo to the politicians and sports stars and actors who think that sending pictures of their genitals is a good way to say “I care” to a woman. Because it really, really isn’t. There should be a heads-up list of Things Women Don’t Like. And here are a few things that should certainly make that list:

*The aforementioned pictures of your junk. It’s tacky. It’s common. It has no class, no style, and no respect. Women do not think it’s hot; it makes us POINT AND LAUGH AND TELL OUR FRIENDS. Or it gives us something to hand over during a federal investigation. Think about it.”

Really. Just. Don’t.