Just discovered

by mollykl

I think I may have found my long-lost twin. Also, I think this may prove I was adopted, since he’s Chinese.

I stumbled across “Not yet published”  today, and was instantly smitten.

Writing, fountain pens AND history?  Sign me up! I could probably spend weeks just clicking through all the links. I think I learned more about World War II in the past ten minutes than in the previous ten months, and for those at Escential who had to listen to me drone on, and on, and on, well, you know that’s hard to fathom. Ok, so if this guy’s my long-lost twin, he’s clearly the smart one (and that is killing me), but my ego’s willing to take the hit because this site is so damn much fun.

The downside is that I’ve been trying to spend less time online and more time writing….this site is going to make that hard. But I guess I could just count it as research.