the OMG factor

by mollykl

So here’s the thing about the web that never fails to amaze me: contact with people, albeit from a distance, that you worship.  It is the MOST random thing in the world to be checking in to facebook only to find an update by Deanna Raybourn, click to read all the comments, laughing all the while about the “two-sizes too small dress for the RITA’s” , and come across a reply from Tasha Alexander.

There was a small moment of freaking out.

I had the same experience when a favorite author commented on this blog. I seriously ran into the bedroom, where husband J was still sound asleep, and started jumping up and down screaming.

This is, of course, beyond creepy. I don’t know these people. They are not my friends. They are not my co-workers (actually, I’ll say that it’s a bit creepy “seeing” co-workers on facebook – in the words of George Costanza “worlds colliding!”). They are authors that I read, adore, worship, criticize, you name it.

The web breeds a sense of familiarity that would normally take years and constant contact to form, and that’s a little scary. Now we make insta-friends. Oh, you’re a friend of a friend. Oh, you like Jay-Z too? Oh, you write my favorite books. But how well do you know anyone? And do you really want to?